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Acrylic on Canvas. This abstract was born out of a rough sketch and creaed itself more than any other work so far. The greek goddess Athena, daughter of Zeus personifies wisdom and courage. She was given the thunderbolt by her father as her weapon. She was a friend to her half sisters, the dieties of vegetation.
46 X 76 cm
Meenal Chaudhari 0
Price & availablilty on request 

Acrylic on Canvas. The mother archetype soft, round, strong, big, provider of sustenance, comfort, nurturance and oral gratification. Her child is a part of herself as well as her son and moon.
46 X 61 cm
Meenal Chaudhari 1
Price & availablilty on request 

Me and My Muse
Acrylic on Canvas. A self-explanatory title. The slightly elongated nudes embody grace,beauty and poise while being almost etheral.
38 X 56 cm
Meenal Chaudhari 2
Price & availablilty on request 

Acrylic on Canvas. There is a male and female principle within each of us and this painting is about the yin-yang balance. The arms of the combined male-female forms are lingums (therefore the titles) and their laps the yonis. The colours are coded to show the overlaps of the different forms.
50 x 60 cm
Meenal Chaudhari 3
Price & availablilty on request 

Acrylic on Canvas. The moon faced tree is a trifle burdened with the clouds of thought. It stands erect emerging out of a pond of clear water that sustains and nurtures it. Its roots dig deep into the earth and support it. The tree in turn radiates its glow.
41 X 51 cm
Meenal Chaudhari 4
Price & availablilty on request 

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