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Choose from a handpicked collection of paintings, sculptures,drawings,
 prints and more.

A vibrant collection of
works  from far flung
nooks of India.

 Exotic handcrafted  collectibles to
     enliven any space.

Share your ideas with art
lovers the world over &
chat up with friends &

Enter for an illustrated
evolutionary history & learn
about the modern art, 
art care &  terms

Indian art proudly host the official home pages of a constellation of eminent indian artists

Thumb through of critic speak feature article Events On & 
Art  News.

We widen your choice
of artworks by taking 
our partner galleries

Bid for a coveted artefact or put up
your own rare work for auction.

Indian art circle put together a virtual
art bookshop of Art craft and heritage
books for the truly appreciative.

Browse and pick through 
our exhaustive collection
and build your own virtual gallery to admire or acquire.


Current Exhibition - 'Shakti' curated by Anjolie Ela Menon

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