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Anjolie Ela Menon
One of India's most accomplished painters, she has created a body of work of great beauty and depth over the last four decades. Her paintings reveal a deep sensibility, profoundly individual in perception, yet diverse in its sympathies: often Indian in subject, yet dwelling in some undefined territory. Padmashree.

Vivan Sundaram
A doyen of contemporary Indian art, this complex and innovative artist left the genre of paintings and now creates evocative installation art. 

Jatin Das, a celebrated artist is a master of expression. Jatin's single largest preoccupation is with the human figure. 
It is his major obsession, which consumes him totally and directs his irrepressible creative energies, infusing his works with a pervasive dynamism.

Krishen Khanna
Krishen has been preoccupied in his work with the state and fate of man of our times. In a sense, his work is a graphic record, a visual documentation. What makes it art and lifts it out of the transient, are the abiding elements of the tragic, the sublime and the ridiculous, which are woven into it.

Sanjay Bhattacharyya
Now only 36, Sanjay Bhattacharya has already made a name for himself in our major cities. He is one of the painters who refused to be restricted by the inevitable academism of his student days. He explores the drama in the lives of people, be they hunched and crowded in cities like Calcutta or spread in the hinterland." 

Manu Parekh
A multifaceted person with activities ranging from stage acting to  stage designing to handicrafts & handlooms to his credit, this contemporary artist has sought to transmute his feelings about the pain and anguish in the world in a series of expressionistic images through his canvases all his life. Padmashree.

Madhvi Parekh
She has situated herself in the space of contemporary art practice, yet reverts for inspiration, from time to time, to her childhood village left far behind. With her personal well articulated language of expression, Madhvi positions herself in a space outside the tradition-modernity discourse while crossing borders both ways.

Vasundhara Tewari
Her simultaneous tryst with the female human figure as the inner centre the outer world of myriad colours that has a life of its own, accords Vasundhara a special place in the contemporary art of India.

Ram V. Sutar
A blessed child of Goddess Saraswati, this great sculptor, now in his seventies, is one of India's signature talents, specially when it comes to executing monumental works. Padmashree

Rameshwar Broota
Head of the Art Deptt. Triveni Kala Sangam since 1967, and winner of three National Awards, deep sensitivity and creative. Broota has given a new genius dimension to aesthetics in Contemporary Indian Art.

Anupam Sud
One of the most accomplished print artists of contemporary Indian art scene, Anupam Sud is endowed with a innovative and subtle creativity. Anupam Sud's art consolidates her humanistic leanings over her feminist ones, reflecting upon the nature of humanity in all it's forms. She works, one might say, with a social and political consciousness that may not be radical, but effects a subtle intervention and speculation rather than statement. 

Rini Dhumal

Rini Dhumal is a creative genius, fired by her print-making/graphics background, her works are fused with a special vibrancy and balance of form, colour and gifted craftsmanship.

Arpana Caur

Arpana Caur is reclusive talent of very high caliber. Her work is ingrained in the Indian psyche and folklore, and exudes a special charm coming forth from her deeply spiritual core of being.

Amitava Das,

Mona Rai,

Bulbul Sharma



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