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Born 1932 ; Diploma in Painting from the Govt. School of Arts & Crafts, Madras (1953); was Govt. of India Research Scholar; taught in the Govt. School of Arts & Crafts, Madras. Exhibitions National Exhibition of Art (Award, 1957); Coffee Board Poster Competition, 1953 (Prize) ; Academy of Fine Arts, Calcutta (Award, 1955); commissioned to do frescoes for the Lok Sabha and the High Court, Madras. Represented in several public collections including the National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi.


A. R. CHUGHTAI (1899-1975)

Hereditary artist of Persian descent; Self taught (preliminary lessons in painting from his uncle baba Mira Baksh) ; influenced by the Bengal school, specialising in line drawings and 'wash' painting; first exhibition 1919 Lahore Museum, participated in numerous exhibitions, one-man exhibitions in London, New York and Paris etc, represented in Asian Art exhibition, Japan, 1980, widely travelled all over Europe, awarded the title of "Khan Bahadur" by the British Government of Pakistan in 1960.


BIMAL DAS GUPTA (1917-1995)

Studied painting in Govt. School of Art Calcutta 1937-43 ; more than 45 one-man-shows at home and abroad 1948 onwards ; many Awards including Din and Jukerman Prize, AIFACS and National Award, 1956 ; Fellow of the Lalit Kala Akademi 1989; Taught at Delhi College of Art till 1977 ; In the permanent collection of many important museums and individuals in India and abroad.



Born 1902 in Dibrugarh, Assam; Painter, sculptor: Diploma in Fine Arts from Govt. School of Art, Calcutta in 1923 : moved to Lahore in 1929, eminent painter and teacher, founder member of Delhi Silpi Chakra, Professor Art Dept. Delhi Polytechnic; Secretary. Lalit Kala Akademi in 1960 : Participated in Venice Biennale : Salon de mai, Paris; Sao Paulo; PARI SHAD SAMMAN by Sahitya Kala Parishad, Delhi Administration ; Elected Vice chairman Lalit Kala Akademi Elected Fellow of Lalit Kala Akademi : conferred PADMA BHUSHAN by the President of India in 1984, granted Hony. Citizenship by the Mayor of Baltimore. U.S.A.; GAGAN ABAN award, Viswa Bharati ; Emeritus fellowship Government of India. Over decades his works have won acclaim in numerous exhibitions held in India and Abroad.



Born, 1924, Goa; studied in J. J. School of Art, Bombay, Central School of Art, London and Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris ; Italian Govt. Scholarship, 1960. Solo Shows Bombay, 1945 onwards; Delhi, 1965 onward ; London, 1951 to 75 ; Paris, Zurich, Venice, 1952, 54 ; New York, 1970 onwards ; exhibits in Karachi ; Widely represented abroad ; Founder Member, Progressive Artists Group, Bombay 1948 ; important Retrospective by Art Heritage; SOUZA of the Forties & Fifties presented by Dhoomi Mal Gallery ; Published his autobiography 'WORDS AND LINES', 1959. Lives in New York and New Delhi.



Born 1901; Painter and poet of Sri Lanka, was influenced by the writings and personality of Rabindra Nath Tagore, studied Hinduism in depth and became a Budhist. Influence of Picaso, Braque and Leger on his art, always connected his roots with Indian Tradition; for an understanding of modern Indian Art, Keyt's contribution cant be ignored.


GOPAL GHOSE (1913-1980)

Born Calcutta; childhood spent in Simla, Benaras and Allahabad. training in art at the Maharaja's School of Arts and Crafts, Jaipur 1931-35. Joined the Madras Art School to study under the well known sculptor, D.P. Roy Choudhury 1935-1938. taught at the Indian Society of Oriental Art in Calcutta (194045) and Government College of Arts and Crafts, Calcutta after 1950. Travelled extensively in India. Visited U.S.A. and Europe. Numerous one man shows in Bombay, Delhi and Calcutta. His paintings are in a number of public and private collections.



Born 1917; Graduated in Science, Fine Arts & Arts Education (A.M.) Founder member of Progressive Artists Group 1948 and Bombay Artists Group 1958. Exhibiting since 1940; Group shows of progressive artists group Bombay, Baroda, Ahmedabad, Calcutta. Bombay Artists Group 1956-1958, Bombay ; twenty six one man shows; National Art Exhibitions organised by Lalit Kala Akademi since its inception till 1958. Salon de mai, Paris 1949, Stanford University Exhibition-USA 1949.
Venice Bienalle 1954, India Art Exhibition to Eastern Europe Europe 1955-56, Saigon Bienalle 1962, Bienalle de Sao Paolo 1965. Tokyo International Exhibition 1954 & 1966 ; Bombay Art Society's Gold Medal 1956. Maharashtra State Art Exhibition 1958, Saigon Bienalle 1962. In the collection Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Bombay ; Atomic Research Centre, Bombay ; National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi ; J.J. School of Art, Bombay ; Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi ; International Art Galleries- Bangkok, Warsaw, Prague, Budapest, Bucharest, Sofia and Venice and in many other important collections.



He was a pioneer of Nuclear energy, victim of an unfortunate air-crash in the Alps ; highly respected in Art circles in the 40"- 50" for his drawings inspired by renaissance art of Europe. He was known as the Leonardo da Vinci of India for his draughtsmanship.


J. B. DIXIT (1907-1995)

Born in Poona; studied in J. J. School of Art Bombay ; higly acclaimed for his drawings and paintings of Indian landscape and life in 40s to 50s.


JAMINI ROY (1887-1972)

Born, Beliatore, Bankura Distt. W. Bengal; Painter Joined Govt. School of Arts and Craft, Calcutta. After mastering academic painting and portrait, drifted to folk art to find his roots with folk inspired paintings in a new style 1921. Exhibition in London, 1946, in New York, 1953, Delhi, Dhoomimal Gallery, early fifties, Centenary Celebration by National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi 1987.
PADMA BHUSHAN, 1955, Fellow of Lalit Kala Akademi, 1956, D. Lit Conferred by Rabindra Bharati University, 1967. Widely represented in national and international collections LKA, NGMA,Dhoomi Mal Gallery, New Delhi.


JAYA APPASAMY (1918-1985)

Born in Madras ; Painter and Art Historian Diploma Fine Arts, Kala Bhavan, Viswabharati, 1945 ; Diploma College of Fine Art, Beijing, China, 1949 ; M.A. Oberlin College, Ohio, 1963; Fellow, Indian Institute of Advanced Studies, Simla, 1970-71. Over 25 solo exhibitions in India and abroad. Participated in National and other all India exhibitions, regularly.
AIFACS Award 1974.



Born in 1930, Studied Drawing and Painting at Sir J.J. School of Art Bombay 1950-55; Studied Typography and Publicity design, Central School of Art and Craft, London 1957-59 ; more than 24 solo exhibitions in India and abroad. Participated in major international and National exhibitions. National exhibition Award in 1957, 1963, 1973 & 1976. Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, London ; founder member of the group 1890. His works are in the collection of a number of Museums and Galleries in India and abroad. Taught in the Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S. University, Baroda.


K. H. ARA (1913-1985)

Self taught painter; Born in Bolarum near, Hyderabad; studied with Prof. Langammer 1940-41 Bombay Art Society-Governer's Prize 1945; Unesco International - Sir Henry Knight prize 1946; founder member progressive Artists Group, Bombay 1948; 1948-55 Ahmedabad and Baroda; 1956-63 Group exhibitions with Bombay Group; 1963 Black Nude Series, Bombay ; Represented in the collection of Unesco Museum of Art, Paris ; Royal Indian Society, London ; National Gallery of Modern Art, N. Delhi.


K. K. HEBBAR (1912-1996)

Born in Kattingeri village, Karnataka; Diploma (painting) J.J. School of Art, Bombay, 1934-38, and taught in this institution between 1940-47; studied painting in Academy Julian aug Graphics in Ecole Estinne, Paris 1949-50 ; exhibited in major national & international shows since 1939 ; won Bombay Art Society. Gold Medal, Calcutta Academy of Fine Arts Gold Medal and National Award of Lalit Kala Akademi; participation in Salon de Mal (1951), Venice Hiennaale (1955), Sao Paulo (1959); In the collection of important museums and individuals at home and abroad.


K. S. KULKARNI(1918-1995)

G.D. Art Bombay ; post-graduate scholar in mural decoration and research scholar, Sir Ratan Tata Trust; painter and sculptor; several one man shows in New Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta and abroad (many cities in USA, Europe, Egypt & Japan), participated in many major exhibitions in India and abroad and the National Exhibition of Art; International Exhibition, London, 1947 (Prize); Represented India at the International Arts Prograrnme, U.S.A. (1950); Founder Member, Delhi Silpi Chakra; Director, Triveni Kala Sangam New Delhi.


K. SRINIVASULU (1923-1 994)

Born, Madras; Painter; Diploma Fine Art, Govt. College of Fine Arts & Craft, Madras, 1940 ; Art Dir., Peasant School, Adyar, Madras; Officer in-charge. Design & Demonstration Centre, Madras; Fulbright Scholar at Ohio Univ. (Specialisation in child art).
Solo Shows Delhi, Madras. 1954 (organised by the USIS; works also shown in India House, New York) ; Exhibition on life of Buddha, Govt. Museum, Madras, 1956. AIFACS President's Award, 1953 ; All India Arts Exhibition Hyderabad, 1st Prize. Several Significant shows abroad.



Born 1915, Sholapur, Bombay ; self taught ; member Progressive Artists Group, Bombay and exhibited with PAG 1948-56 most widely travelled and exhibited artist of India also worked as a cinema hoarding painter and toy designer in Bombay ; Innumerable solo shows and important exhibitions of contemporary Indian Art all over the world.



Born 1918 ; painter and graphic artist ; taught painting, design and layout at Regional Institute of Printing Technology, Jadavpur, Calcutta. Studied at Govt. College of Arts & Crafts, Madras, Andre Lhot's School, Academic Grand, Chaumier & Ecole du Louvre (History of painting), Paris ; Rockfeller Grant, 1970-71. Solo Shows More than 15 shows at Bombay, Calcutta and Delhi. Show Abroad Brussels, 1950, Paris, 1953, London, 1962.



Born in Andhra Pradesh, studied in Madras Art College under D.P. Roy Chowdhary; painter; Inspired by Jamini Roy, realised the importance of folk art in the context of modern painting ; worked for the revival of folk art of Andhra Pradesh and incorporated folk style of Andhra in his painting; in the collection of UNICEF and other important institutions


RAM KINKER BAIJ (1910-1980)

Born in Bankura; Sculptor and Painter ; Diploma in Fine Arts, Kala Bhawan Shantiniketan; Head of Dept. Kala Bhawan, Vishwabharati University. 
Solo Shows : Delhi, 1942, Calcutta, 1960 & 72, Shantiniketan, 1970. Participated in National Exhibitions and other All India exhibitions of painting and sculpture, regularly. Represented at: 'Realities Nouveile', Paris, 1950-51 Asian Art' exhibition, Tokyo. Works in permanent collections LKA, NGMA, and other private and institutional collections. Organisational work: Ex-member LKA, member Realities Nouvelles, Paris, member Indian Sculptors Assn.



Born 1928 Sardoi ; Painter; Govt. Diploma in Fine Art (Painting), Sir J.J School of Art, Bombay; Scholarship in Mural-painting; Solo Shows - Bombay 1954 onwards, and Connecticut, 1967 ; National Exhibition bf Art 1955 onwards; 1957 AIFACS & 1952 Bombay Art Society; was member, Senate, SNDT Univ., Bombay.



Born in Calcutta; Painter; Diploma Fine Art form Govt. School of Art, 1931; worked as Art Dir., Imperial Tobacco Co., Shifted to Delhi, 1945 ; Taught art at Sarada Ukil School of art, Delhi and then at Art Dept., Delhi polytechnic, Delhi 1951-1960. Solo Shows Calcutta 1937, 39, 41 & 43. New Delhi Town Hall, 1945, Exhibited with Doomi Mal Gallery; Retrospective, 1950 Memorial Exhibition, Delhi Polytechnic, Art Dept., 1960. Memorial Exhibition Academy of Fine Art, Calcutta 1961. Memorial Exhibition Kunika Art Centre, New Delhi, 1962. Visited Europe, 1937-38 (France, England, Italy, Holland) Works displayed at Salon de Mai, Paris, 1951. Jury for National Exhibition of Art, 1958.



Born 1921 Patna; Painter; Diploma in Fine Arts Govt. College of Art & Crafts,Calcutta, 1943 Later, principal in the same college; Studied at Slade school of Art, London, 1955. Solo Shows Delhi, 1948 onwards, Calcutta, 1962 onward Abroad London, 1954 and 55, Tokyo, 1966, Participated in various national and international art exhibitions. Organisational work Member, Artists Committee' Lok Sabha Secretariat; member, Academic Council, Viswa-Bharati University Shantiniketan Wanting and talks on art in various media.



Born 1922 Babaria (Madhya Pradesh) ; Painter; studied at Nagpur School of Art 1939-43, J.J. School of Art 1943-47; and then at Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts (Paris) 1950-53 on a French Govt. scholarship; 1947 onwards several solo shows in Bombay and Delhi, and 1958 onwards in Montreal, Toronto, California, Berkley, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Paris etc., member progressive Artists Group, Bombay and exhibited with them ; numerous collective exhibitions of Indian Art around the world ; Prix de Ia critique Award, Paris 1956; in prestigious collections round the world; Residing in Paris, France.



Painter; Principal in the Sarda Ukil School of Art; worked in the Publicity Division of Govt. of India; Founder member of All India Fine Arts & Crafts Society ; closely associated with Rarn Babu; founder of Dhoomi Mal Gallery in late thirties and early forties.


V. S. ADURKAR (1907-1992)

Painter; Govt. Diploma in Painting and Art Master in Teaching from Sir J.J. School of Art, Bombay, studied painting at the slade school (London) 1936; First Indian artist made Associate of the Royal College of Arts (London) and Royal Society of PaintersEtchers-Engrarers (London) ; D.C. Prize for Mural, J.J. School ; work exhibited thrice at the Royal Academy Exhibition (London) ; first one man show 1939 at Lord Brabounne Stadium, Bombay; First Indian Director of Sir J.J. School of Art 1947-53.