Kashmiri Carpets:

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Kashmir is famous the world over for the beautiful handwoven carpets that it produces. Basically a craft brought to India by the muslim invaders, carpet weaving is therefore strongly reflective of persian motifs and styling. 
The carpets are made predominantly in the Srinagar area of Kashmir, and generally confined to the men of the family, though nowadays, women are also entering the trade. These exquisite creations are hand-knotted on the warp threads, one at a time, in accordance to a strict code of colours in the order of their appearance in the pattern. Often the code is lyricized into a song, which is hummed by the knotters at the time of weaving.
The knotted product is clipped with shears to smoothness, and then treated with several brighjtening and protective chemical washes. A relatively simple carpet of size 4feet by 6feet would upto 3-4 months to complete.
The motifs are generally either floral or animals and birds.

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