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How we use cookies ?
Please keep your cookies turned on. We keep cookies to store book and quantity information in a cookie. You can maintain the contents of your shopping cart for couple of hours. This feature makes shopping more convenient at our site, without compromising any critical or personal information.
For Example:
Here is a sample of Indian Art cookie entry that you would find in cookie.txt file. This file will be located in the same directory as your browser's executable.  FALSE  /  FALSE 906704096  cart  b10484%213
The other cookie fields are standard with every cookie entry and include information such as our domain name and the cookie's expiration date which we set for 120 minutes.

Please remember to log on to ArtIndian only through the following URL:
and NOT; else the shopping cart would not show any items.

If you want more information about cookies, check out Netscape's cookie specification.

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