Authenticity of Artifacts:

as adopted by the Indian Art Circle board, 2001.

i) The work is returned by the original buyer.

ii) The work is found to not have been tampered with.

iii) It is established that there were procedures/ practices in place, at the time of the sale, which would have annulled the authenticity of the work in question.

a) True Type: The style of painting/ handicraft will be authentic (e.g. only genuine Madhubani paintings or blue pottery or gemstones etc. will be delivered to the buyer)

b) The design, theme and colour scheme etc. on display: Close resemblance will be maintained to the designs and themes displayed in our galleries. However, differences in hand-work, minor variations in designs, elements, brush work, color tone etc. may be present.  This is because many similar, but non-identical, pieces are hand-made for each theme/ design etc.