Art without Boundaries,

Art beyond Borders..

by Rooma Mehra

Indian art is finally gaining global saliency.. 

A trend that can only be lauded, as the West according to my personal experience and judgment does boast of an audience, and arbiter of taste, all in one. The emerging Indian art scene can only bring good tidings for the serious artist who was always overlooked in a flurry of “names” and a shortcut scurry for “visibility on Page 3”

I am not a Page 3 artist. Painting to me is a very private, sacred, even cathartic act, that coincidentally has a lot of weltschmerz.. It is not intentional, but a natural corollary of living in a world of strife. However, I lose interest in my painting/sculpture once it is made. After this point it is not “my” artwork anymore. It does its own work of communicating with the viewer.

Art to me, is the most potent of all media of communication, because it offers no scope for pretence. Art, also is, what comes from the heart, and reacts to external events.

My art does not seek to make a better world, but it does hope to initiate a soul dialogue at the level of the child, who is forced to view the harsh reality of say, war, violence, injustice..

It hopes to induce that incredulity in adults..

I believe in total spontaneity, because only intuitive art is totally honest, and speaks from the soul.
Many times I interpret my paintings after they have been made. Almost never work with a pre-conceived idea. The journey of painting could be inspired - on the personal and non-personal level - by the warmth of being in love, the loss of losing a beloved person, the hurt of being rejected, the pain of an unrequited love, the tenderness felt for an orphaned child, the frustration brought by needless wars and suffering, the homelessness of a refugee.. sometimes even the tear in a poem..

Although I love the purity of watercolours, I am not shy about mixing media. I don't believe one can have cut and dried boundaries between media of art (Watercolours, Oils, Pastels, etc.etc.) the same as one cannot have cut and dried boundaries between art forms. I often find my poetry complementing my paintings or sculptures.. or a poem that was inspired by a painting or, more rarely, a painting that was inspired by a poem.

My art wants to communicate, and since I am personally rather reclusive and off-beat by the standards of the popular Indian artist, an emerging art scene can only help the cause of this minority that paints from the heart, but abhors the publicity jig, the politics, the mafia..


It is a happy trend :-)




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