was Officially launched on the 12th of September 2000 over a luncheon party at the Hotel Inter-Continental, amid a warm welcome by the Art Community as well as the media. Here's a glance at what some of the best known Indian print media had to say .....



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Indian Art on Web

            " is the first web site of its kind which aims at bridging the gap between the expanding market and the store house of artistic talent in our country.
            It not only aims at promoting or making available the Indian art and crafts globally but also hopes to serve as an information hotshop with extensive pictorial database and exhaustive text.
Though Gargi Seth is the operating official, prominent artists like Anjolie Ela Menon, Krishen Khanna, Manu Parekh, Sanjay Bhattacharya and others have joined hands with her to promote this web site.
            She added, "to build up an extensive collection of contemporary paintings, sculptures, drawing and prints, we have already tied up with some established art galleries in India, for their official Home Pages."
The web site will cater to artists, collectors, students and critics." ..

- Shaswati Gosh
- The Weekend Observer, Page 7, 23/Sept/2000



      (From L to R) Mr Keshav Malik,Ms Anjolie Ela Menon, Ms Manu, Ms Madhvi Parekh, Mr Sanjay Bhattacharya, Ms Mona Rai and Mr Amitava Das at the launch of Website  on Tuesday. The site will promote Indian art and crafts globally.

- The e-Financial Express, Page 1, 13/Sept/2000



      Well known artists Manu Parekh, Anjolie Ela Menon, Sanjay Bhattacharya (right) with COO Gargi Seth (standing) at the launch of the portal in New Delhi yesterday.

- Business Standard, Page 6, 13/sept/2000




Website to promote Indian art and Crafts

                    "Some of the most prominent individuals from the world of art like Anjolie Ela Menon, Krishen Khanna, Manu Paerkh, Sanjay Bhattacharya, Vivan Sundaram,Ram V Sutar, Anupam Sud and Keshav Malik have come together to promote Indian art and crafts globally through which has its office at Noida. This website will have an extensive pictorial database and exhaustive text."

- East Delhi Plus (Time of India), Page 4, 16/Sept/2000



Her Website Believes In Art For Art's Sake

                     " She claims to be passionate about promoting Indian Art and Crafts, has just announced the launch of for the purpose and is toying with the idea of starting a crafts village on the outskirts of Noida. Big ideas you may say, but 27 years old Gargi Seth is a doer." .

- Poonam Goel
- HT City (Hindustan Times), Page 3, 12/Sept/2000

  takes heritage into cyberspace

                     " India's heritage is now on the web. aims at promoting Indian art and craft globally and providing information with an extensive pictorial database.
                     Art critic Keshav Malik, addressing reporters on Tuesday afternoon at the inauguration of site, said India, a nation of a billion of people is a world by itself but there is a need to "educate the educated. The tribal people know a lot that lecturers do not,"
                     "This is a symbiosis between technology and art," said Malik, one of the architects of the site. He considers the site a medium through which the ignorance of the public would be removed." .

- The Asian Age, Page 11, 13/Sept/2000



New portal for art enthusiasts

                     ", a web site aimed at promoting and facilitating Indian Art and Crafts on the global platform, was formally launched in the Capital on this Tuesday." ..

- The Hindu, Page 6, 13/Sept/2000

                        " With Indian finally making a mark in the international fashion arena, could our artists be far behind? Showcasting Indian art and craft abroad is an expensive proposition, with finding a place at foreign art museum requiring nothing short of a fortune.
                        But Indian artists seem to have learnt from their mistakes. The cream of Indian art industry have joined hands with an amateur and upcoming artists to put the country's art and craft talent on the international map. Together, they hope to explore the country's unrevealed heritage.
                         Launch of India's first website to promote art and crafts,, at Hotel Intercontinental on Tuesday was marked by the presence of eminent artists like Anjolie Ela Menon, Keshav Malik, Sanjay Bhattacharya, Krishen Khanna and Manu Parekh. Of course, the surprising part was that it had taken a nutritionist Gargi Seth to come out with the idea."

- The Hindu, Page 2, 13/Sept/2000



Virtual reality for real art's sake
                     " The launching of the art circle website at the Intercontinental in New Delhi reflects the nexus between artists, gallery owners and website franchise holders.
                     Now that the state and the bureaucracy , not to speak of the 'moral brigades' of fundamentalist, have begun to tell artists what to paint and what not to paint. In fact, the government appears to want to impose its patronage on the galleries by force, if necessary. This is evident by the way in which a show organised by the vis-à-vis gallery had to opt out of the NGMA. In another incident, a leading gallerie at defence colony has virtually been forced to close down on the ground that it has been running from a residential area - more are likely to face the axe soon. So a period of insecurity is to follow.
                     At such a time, websites can become a lifeline for galleries, so that the works are widely accessible on the net, while individual sales can be made from private sale rooms. One does not hope for anything better from the state, but one hopes gallery owners will realise what a  help website can be to them to allow a much wider access to the buyer than ever before and will co-operate with artists and website franchisees to strengthen the market for Indian Contemporary art jointly. For none of them can do it on their own." .

- Suneet Chopra
- The Financial Express, Page 4, 24/Sept/2000



'Netting' Indian art, art is going cyber. A new portal backed by some of India's leading artists, aim to narrow the gap between art lovers and artists
                     " When artists Anjolie Ela Menon says she is timeless, she means it. And not just because of her excellent work of art. More because she is one of  the many famous contemporary Indian artists whose work can now be accessed on the Net.
 India art is going Hi-Tech. Technology savvy artists are shifting from palette to the serial mouse, substituting colours with Photo Shop and using the graphic paintbrush instead of the soft-haired brush.
                     And that is not all. Today a number of up-market gallery owners are creating new websites where 'netizens' and international buyers can take a virtual tour of the Indian art scene and do business at the click of a computer key.
                     In India today art-on-net has become a rapidly growing phenomenon and on-line art galleries, a cyber reality. Artists, Collectors and the art aficionados with access to the internet would be able to surf any gallery hooked on the server or access an artist's profile and his works." ..
- Surabhi Khosla
- The Saturday Statesman (Lifestyle), Page 1, 7/Oct/2000

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