IndianArtCircle.Com - Formal Launch.

Photo-Album of the Event:

Indian Art Circle was formally launched on the 12th of September 2000, at the Crystal Ballroom of Hotel Inter-Continental in Delhi; over a gala Luncheon Party.  With an Inauguration by Anjolie Ela Menon, the event sparkled with the presence of highly esteemed people from the world of Indian Art, including Artists, Art-Critics, Gallery Owners and an assembly of reputed journalists and media-persons. Here's a photographic diary of the Launch, extensively covered both in the print and electronic media :
Leaf One:
Eminent personalities from the world of Indian Art graced the occasion of the formal launch of IndianArtCircle.Com with their Presence, Support and Blessings.
From L-R:
Mr. Keshav Mallik, Mr. Manu Parekh, Ms. Anjolie Ela Menon, Ms. Madhvi Parekh, Mr. Sanjay Bhattacharyya, Ms. Mona Rai and Mr. Amitava Das. Visible behind Ms. Menon is Mr. RamVSutar. Ms. Anupam Sud joined later.
Warming to company: Artists chat-up and exchange notes prior to the event.
Mr. Manu Parekh, Ms. AnjolieEla Menon and Ms. Madvi Parekh.
Joined by Mr.Sanjay Bhattacharyya visible behind.
Assembled on the Stage: A Rare Confluence of Talent Supporting IAC.
Mr. Keshav Mallik, Ms.Gargi Seth (Chief Operating Officer-IAC), Ms.Menon, Mr.Bhattacharyya, Ms.Parekh, Mr.RamVSutar, Ms.Mona Rai, Mr.Parekh and Mr.Amitava Das. 

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