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Hussain hoists flag on the Summit of Indian Art prices....Again: 1st Dec 2002.

After Tyeb Mehta's 'Celebrations', a 1995 triptych fetched a record $317,000 (Rs.1.52 Crore) over a presale estimate of $180,000 at Christie's in New York, 2 months ago, Hussain's perch on top of the Indian art market seemed threatened. However, he has rebounded back to the top once again with his 12 panel 5 feet by 10 feet creation called 'Lightening' selling for Rs.2 Crore!!
        The 1975 canvas(es) from his private collection was picked up by New York based Hyderabad expat Srikant Charugundula and features male and female horses, fractured and serialised as a hermaphrodite whole. Hussain has hailed the price tag as a "Victory for Indian Art".


Half a kilometer away from the 16th
century fort at Akbar's abandoned capital of Fatehpur Sikri, in a village called Nagari, a 400-sqm mound has yielded a new insight into history, pushing back the age of this World Heritage Site by several hundred years. On a hunch of superintending archaeologist Agra circle,Dharamvir Sharma, an ancient sandstone chamber filled with decapitated and broken idols of Jain Tirthankaras was unearthed. Clearly legible inscri