Story of Indian Art: An Overview

Ancient India: From the dawn of civilization to the Gupta Period

Art of Medieval India

Indian Modern Art:
The run-up to the conetmporary scene
The Harappan Period


Shunga Art

Art of Satvahanas

Indian Art in the Later Era

Gandhara Art

The Classical period of Indian Art: Gupta Art

    Art of Ajanta


The Kingdom of Kannauj

Chalukyan Art in the Deccan

Rashtrakuta Dynasty

Art of Elephanta

Pallavas Art

Art of Cholas

Art Of Hoysalas

Nayaka Art

Northen India

Surya Temple

Art Of Orissa

Sun Temple of Konarak

Art Of Khajuraha

Jain Art

Invasion of India

Deccani Painting

Jain Palm Leaf Painting:

Rajasthani Painting
Bundi Kalam

Kotah Kalam


Pahari Painting



Company School

Bengal School / Revivalism

Emergence of Modern Art in India

Progressive Artists Group

A Quiet Revolution


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