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We are a team of art lovers and aesthetes from varied creative domains - actual artists, designers, as well as engineers and scientists, based in Noida, India, and California, USA. Our compelling urge to bring the IT revolution of the century, the Internet, to the threshold of Indian Art and Crafts resulted in the birth, in the year 2000, of this truly comprehensive site which not only makes Indian artefacts commercially available through the net, but is also educative, informative and indeed promotes Indian Arts and Crafts by providing a forum to everyone concerned.

  • To artists, especially some young and brilliantly talented ones for showcasing and selling their creations globally through our site. 
  • To art students and critics of Indian art, an opportunity to be a part of the Indian Art Circle.Com web fraternity where they can discuss, debate and learn more about Indian Art especially the wealth of as yet unexplored aspects. 
  • And to Collectors and Connoisseurs, an amazing collection of Indian art work in a single stop shop to chose and order from, from any corner of the world.  

That's precisely what makes Indian Art Circle.Com the world's first of its kind complete window to the boundless treasures of Indian Art. Here's what we bring to you:

  • Educative Information about various traditional and contemporary Indian art forms

  • An opportunity to connoisseurs and critics of Indian Art to be a part of Indian Art Circle.Com's web fraternity and share their views and opinions

  • An on-line storehouse offering a spectrum of traditional and contemporary pieces of Indian arts and crafts

  • A forum to upcoming as well as established artists to exhibit and sell their creations

  • High quality art shows, art activities, events, seminars, camps and workshops in the area of art. We aim to undertake collaborative, interdisciplinary and synchronized endeavours to bring artists from all over the country together to share, create, present and promote art in its full glory at the national and international platform.

Core Team of Motivators and Creators
Gargi Seth: Also an empanelled Art Curator and Research Fellow with the Ministry of Culture, Gargi Seth is Co-Founder and has been the Chief Curator at Indian Art Circle since inception. Seth was a university gold medalist and studied fine arts and a variety of social impact subjects like extension education, as part of the otherwise mainly science curriculum. After her Masters in Science, from CCS HAU, Hisar, she followed her passion for arts completely, and involved herself with Indian art, from 1998 onwards. She studied Art Appreciation at the National Museum Institute, New Delhi, creative writing at British Council, mentored extensively under one of India's leading art critic and litterateur, Mr. Keshav Malik and informally observed curatorial practice at Seattle Asian Art Museum, Museum of Fine Arts, Bern. She has been conceptualizing, curating and organizing high-quality contemporary art exhibitions since the year 2000, prominently, the Weaving Legacy anniversary series, Spirit of Art & Romancing the Figure, regularly featuring artists of acclaimed talent like Anjolie Ela Menon, Rameshwar Broota, Krishen Khanna, Sanjay Bhattacharyya, Amitava Das, Rini Dhumal, Anupam Sud etc. and more recently, Edge of Reason, bringing together some edgy artists like Vibha Galhotra, Atul Bhalla, Manjunath Kamath etc. She curated “The Epic Journey of Indian Art” as part of the Festival of India in the Central Asian region. 

Anjolie Ela Menon: Her name and talent need no introduction to the world of Art, whether in India or abroad. This great artist (a Padmashree), and great mind is one of the incipient patrons to the concept and mission behind IndianArtCircle.Com, guiding and enlightening all and everything involved.

Keshav Mallik: The most reputed Indian Art critic, a Padmashree and Kala Ratan, Mr. Malik provided vital direction to the mission of IndianArtCircle.Com, and its quest to recognize and uncover the wealth of brilliant artists and works mired in oblivion.

Krishen Khanna: A much acclaimed senior artist and a Padmashree, Krishen has been consulting, on an honorary basis, to the basic direction as well the presentation of the site.


Ajit Bhave: A Computer Science Graduate from IIT DeIhi, Ajit is now a tech-entrepreneur. He has worked several years in the Software Industry. Ajit continues as advisor with IndianArtCircle.Com.

Anurag Seth: A Masters in Computer Science from BITS Pilani, and years of rich experience behind him in the software Industry primarily high-tech EDA Software, Anurag is a tech-entrepreneur and currently also CTO in residence at Tembusu Partners. He is an advisor to IndianArtCircle.Com in an honorary capacity.

KBL Seth: A highly experienced Electrical Engineer having retired as Superintending Engineer from Rajasthan state PWD, he always had a knack for art and has been a thorough admirer and critic. His brings a rich experience in administration to as advisor.

Organizational and Creative Team:

Dr. Mohini Chitkara: Mohini is a PhD in English Literature from Punjab University, Chandigarh, where she researched contemporary social issues related to marginalized/victimized sections of society such as child abuse survivors, homosexuals and transgenders, and minority communities in the extant literature, with special focus on the works of Mahesh Dattani. She studied Art Appreciation at the National Museum Institute in Delhi. Her keen empathy for the human condition was born and fostered through her early childhood experiences of the Second World War and the Indian freedom struggle and partition, and witnessing the birth pangs of a new country. The seeds of patriotism and love for humanity sown early, were instrumental in shaping her academic career in English literature. 
Throughout her teaching years, she retained a keen interest in theatre and stage, participating and organising student stage productions. She retired as Associate Professor in English in the year 2005. She studied Art Appreciation at the National Museum Institute. Her passion and sustained interest in human ethos are her biggest strength in understanding the philosophy of art, and after retirement she has been advisor and consultant on the concept and display of art, as part of Indian Art Circle. She has also been engaged in tribal visual art forms of Kerala, with a focus on Kalamezhuthu. 

Ambalika: Ambalika is an M.B.A. from Delhi School of Economics. She has been on the marketing management teams of several prestigious companies like Motorola, Michelin etc., based out of Delhi and London. She has managed various events and shows including national level product launches for international brands. She is a practising artist, painter, sculptor and photographer. She has been associated with Indian Art Circle for the last few years as artist, exhibition designer and event organizer.

Nimisha: Nimisha is an M.B.A in Marketing and Human Resources from Faculty of Management Studies, CMM, Jabalpur. She is a banker by profession and associated with Indian Art Circle on honorary, assignment basis, as event organizer.

Patrons of IndianArtCircle.Com
A virtual 'who’s-who' from the world of Indian Art, whose names need no introduction, joined hands to support the mission of IndianArtCircle.Com which is to promote Indian Arts internationally:
Anjolie Ela Menon Manu Parekh
Krishen Khanna Rameshwar Broota 
Sanjay Bhattacharyya Ram V. Sutar
Anupam Sud
Vasundhara Tewari Keshav Mallik
Vivan Sundaram M. Ramachandran (Lalit Kala Academy)


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