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We are a team of art lovers and aesthetes from varied creative domains - actual artists, designers, as well as engineers and scientists, based in Noida, India, and California, USA. Our compelling urge to bring the IT revolution of the century, the Internet, to the threshold of Indian Art and Crafts resulted in the birth, in the year 2000, of this truly comprehensive site which not only makes Indian artefacts commercially available through the

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Since the year 2000, Indian Art Circle has been synonymous with physical and online exhibitions of high quality at premium venues in India and abroad. In every level of involvement, from full in-house productions to extending online support, IAC consistently promotes contemporary Indian artists of exceptional talent and potential.


Bangkok 2017, Delhi 2018
Mapping the Canvas of Indian Post Modern and Contemporary Art, at 70 years of Indian Independence, through fresh works of artists representing an era, from those who were active at the time of India’s Independence to those who define cutting edge art today.. Curated by Gargi Seth, as part of ICCR’s Festival of India in Thailand.

___> BACC; Chulalongorn University; Triveni Kala Sangam
Bangkok 2017, Delhi 2018
An exploration of the Indian epics’ consistent occurrence in the art of the country, in celebration or in denial, through figuration and abstraction, distilled in an exhibition curated as part of Festival of India in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

___> National Museum of Fine Arts; VAG, India Habitat Centre
Bishkek 2016,
Delhi 2017
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